Keywords: Trumpism, socio-political movement, Raw Truth, Media Bias, Obama, Disenchanted.


In the history of modern politics, and of nations and peoples making their stand, none has played out and none has seen ever, the temperament and revolutionary outlook which galvanised the recently concluded American presidential election. In what seemed a theatrics, the behaviour and manner of Trump’s campaign, he did clinch the Republican mandate to campaign against Democratic Clinton Who Trumped has maintained, is favoured by a “rigged and crooked system”.

with swagger and charisma, Donald j Trump, a New york real estate tycoon went about his campaign not minding the disowning remarks of his fellow Republicans (like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan ) and others. The 2016 American election was like no other, a deviation from the norm. Real issues that bothered Americans were minutely brought to fore while the best moments of the campaigning were reserved for name-calling, campaigns of calumny and scandals. to discredit him, Trump’s past was brought fore by the Clinton campaign machine and allegations of  groping women without consent and misogynist behaviour against women were consistently hammered over and again especially on the media.

More so, allegations of Trump’s unwillingness to publish his tax record and constantly labelling him a racist-formed the crucible of the Clinton’s attacking machine.

Trump himself has tapped into the already existing feelings of frustration and deprivation inherent in the America and especially among white working class citizens. He has promised to strengthen the mexico-American border to in a bid to control the easy movement of American Dollar into mexico , to deport undocumented Africans, to close the doors of America briefly to MUSlims and to develop a system that will document and track the movement of Muslims in America.

Trump has labelled his opponents as “corrupt, Nasty and crooked” and on various times accused the media of complicity. Trump has blamed the policies of Clinton and Obama for aiding and depriving poor Americans of their jobs and has also promised to repeal Obama affordable health care which he says “over taxes common Americans”. Trump, through to his eventual win, has maintained that Obama/Clinton foreign policies has being a disaster and eventually made America a scorn in the world. Trump also established as his campaign focus, the repealing of  the veteran act and  strengthening American ties with Moscow. At this  moment however, all the world needs is someone who is able to forge ties with Moscow in a bid to loosen the tension of a looming third world war.

As widely unexpected, even among media outlets, whose bias against Trump-  he sees as ‘unrivalled”, has described Trump’s triumph  as a  “political earthquake” and the most stunning victory in modern political history.

in the light of the racist and misogynist remarks credited against Trump, Melania his wife did liven up the character of her husband by describing him as “caring, Raw, Truthful and real” person. Trump has remained real and raw in speech and behaviour and points at arrogance and the establishment in the face.

Trump’s victory underscores not only the power of the individual to wade through storms, but the innate and unashamedly unrecognised power of the masses to push through the walls of oppression and forced union to a world and union they clamour for. In Trump’s presidency, lay the key to global freedom and personal/group determination in all regions of the world to seek a departure from established norm, from a caged and enslaving nationhood.

Trumpism which as a movement began now, emphasises the ability and charisma in man to push through the limits set for him by mortals to realising and conquering for himself, a society of his dream, in Trumpism, lay the power of the youths and disenchanted peoples world over, to pull down the high walls of modern slavery visibly expressed in all organised practices which threaten and continue to undermine their existence.

“Trumpism is not a campaign” as Trump has explained, but a “movement” for the emancipation of the betrayed and marginalised sections of the world who live under an oppressive and repressive system. for years and decades to come, Trump’s victory will continue to steer and  engender quick response from all peoples of the world to fairly, and equally consider themselves as equals in the world.