As the waterfall of Obudu

Flows flowingly to progressive curiosity

As an abyss the mines of anthanasia remains

More akin to the depth of hades

Has this unnecessary foe stroked our thoughts



Like the dangling breasts of tarzan natives

Unbeknown of democracy

Dangling here and there

There and here

From no where to here

Dangling still from the stinging bites of war

Has man’s creation become her creator


As the red sea and black sea

As well, as the mediterranean and the little of all little

Strait of homuz

Has over grown its banks

An inch backward dragging repentants naturalists 

Away from eden

Has every repentant relented in the chase for rightitude 


You have stroked us enough

To few a necessary relieve your stroking

But you have strokes us enough

Stinging us like the flashpoint of a chain reaction

Massaging our manhood like men preparing 

To drown from the thigh of holy mary


From the wonders of gaza

to the reality roaming Damascus

From the forgotten tale of srebrenica

To the trilemma of Libya


We must never let to memory pass

The epic moments of Donestk and Lugansk

And never Alin’so, a hamlet brimming with crasswant unto urban opulence

Has war left it brotherly affection

In the psychic of Humanitarians