a gift is a gift

sans believed and supposed dogmas

poured from  havlei of strifes

though and not

it mettles or not the pot

it has mettled many waters

a passion is a calling

sans  or aye fatuous faugh

harvested in favela

towering unsually through  extremophile

through asperity,  sans extremophiles

sans bristols to relieve glistening backs

a gift is a gift

one not munched by a muppet

however munched by a mettler

raises ananda in heavens

au fond, the barney past through to escape this barnyard

elucidates this reave of  revelry as though a running bang

all hail, the gifted idealist that barnstormed to bail

his rainy world

world, clichéd in creek views of an encircling assumptions