In a voyage for a necessary union

We wandered into a dark world

An enclave void of 21st wonders


Our gift for a son

The pride of alin’so

In quest for a necessary union

Made dick and harry froze in whited wasted dark corries

The murmurs, knees and spines jostling like cracked bottles seeking revenge

The conveyer questions the wisdom behind the rebarbative exercise

And the long explored miles and kilometres finally comes to a cul-de-sac

Relieved but weary of another journey back to whence we came                    


Unlike new yam festival celebrations, we protested for a quick end

To egbema and uyanga union

In God we thanked, the bride and groom consumed their while

Sambering all corners of the devilish island

 As coins came crashing over their heads


But the question remained

Why uyanga, the blind land ?