Just when i think of Libya and its present circumstance; goose pimples appears in my forehead!. It’s  gory images of hunger and despair are incomprehensible. The woes that has befallen this former strong African empire can be seen by laymen as a punishment from the gods.punishment for what if i may ask?.  But that will be the view of the common man .a view that i do not wish to share in.


It is not only Libya, mail, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Venezuela, that faces these new mad world order challenge. Somalia is already torn apart. Sudan buried in the rubbles, royhingya Muslims, nearly extinct as we breathe. Eastern Ukraine is being shelled right now without a sign of stoppage. Syria as we now know has become a gory sight for all lovers of humanity. The events’ ushering in these apocalyptic tragedies remains a puzzle for many world leaders, especially the ones from third world nations.


However, the few far sighted ones that has managed to understand the situation, gave up their lives in the process!. How sad it is to die for telling the truth. More saddening it would seem that one died for truth to prevail and yet, the people he died for believed otherwise. This has been the fate of every leftist world leader who dares to question or preach against what he did not create. This was an honourable fate for he who was fearless, for he who challenged supposed order. The fate for he whom the henchmen of high order saw to have over-stayed his welcome.


Prior to libya’s foray and down-right destruction by nato forces, the country was unarguably one of the most peaceful in the world. Apart from few human rights reports, which of course is a worldwide issue, the country did enjoy the best leadership ever. With a blossoming economy gingered by oil and gas sales, libya was only transcending to a global power house. The country had the highest gas reserve in africa. Its capital city was among the top five in africa. Its poverty rate for low income earners and unemployed was an aspiring status for many african nations and world at large.  The unemployed and hopeless libyan could still muster three square meal a day. While democracies, like Nigeria, ghana, somalia, and even in most isolated American society, a dollar food was a problem. There was free housing for all Libyans. Free medical bills for all mothers who had put to birth. As a matter of wonder, any mother who puts to birth was paid a particular sum. And in the event of the inavailability of a home, the government would quickly provide for her. There was nothing wrong with libya. She had that bragging right.


Despite the influx of Libya by thousands of Africans, many aspiring to cross the meditarean in their quest for a better life in Europe, and others, desperately seeking to join terrorists in the Middle East. In all these, Libya was the only impassable bridge holding Africa still. The country’s border was impenetrable. One of the most secured in the world. However, with the fall of Libya and the murder of the nation’s hero; mum mar Gadhafi by America and French allied air strikes, witnessed the mass exodus of radical ismist youths into Iraq, syria, Afghanistan etc., to join in different terrorist campaigns that now barnstorm to bale the humanity.

The crux of these, being that, Libya, having been destroyed for imperialistic gains, by American; British, French, Italy and other Nato Allies has turned Libya to a breeding ground for these terrorists.


Libya, now practically partitioned and looted on daily basis has no secured borders to protect its shores anymore. Terrorists from iraq and Afghanistan flow into the country to serve a destructive purpose. A purpose, ordered by ambitious dominating imperialistic forces. As the battle for oil power rages in the war torn desert country, and with little or no effort from the so called world powers aimed at stopping it, Libya has only transformed to hades.

With the destruction of this sole nation (mum mar Gadhafi) whose land remained the crevice between humanity and destruction (the meditarrean sea), africa’s borders  was then thrown open for further partitioning and onward neo-colonialistic intent by european  warmongers. The weapons at the hand of this trained militants and terrorists currently destroying north, east and west africa came in through this route. This will gladly guild us to the summation that, even if for nothing, or for the worst, as he has been painted blue, white and black by american propagandist media outlets, mummar gadhafi stood for peace, anti-imperialistic visions and unification of africa (united states of africa).indeed nothing more can be more preferable in the world than peace, equality and a just world.and this was what gadhafi stood for. His continued call for the unification of africa to wade off the neo-colonial and neo-imperialistic intent of nato led breath bequeath him. His messages were his only sins for me .and for every far sighted african, gadhafi was the only tree standing in the forest (africa) that knew what others didn’t know. Even if they all knew, he was the only one not afraid to speak out against those warmongers. Gadhafi was the determined and patriotic son whose love for fatherland was his undoing.


Little wonder after his demise, that more african countries has fallen prey to terrorism. Mali has been trying to save her neck for years now, and almighty french army sees her interventionist move as a necessary commitment to former colony. Somalia still bleeds, and till date. No concrete approach has been laid bear aimed at saving the terror stricken country. The somali show is to highlight, that the west only intervenes (i.e. After creating the lacuna) in where their pockets will bleed. Nigeria, cameroun, chad etc., are battling the same foe. Countries that seemed like heaven on earth, now gulped in terrorism.


If its not terrorism, it will be intervention in a country’s internal affair. The ouster and murder of gadhafi by america, france, britain says it all. The ouster of president victor yanukovich of ukraine is the latest in a series of organized campaign aimed at capturing countries for loot, indoctrinating them into the unholy alliance called nato and witch-hunting others. As well, practicing of what we know as divide and rule strategy.


Till date, africa has plunged itself into terror. Chiefly because of her silence when western adventurers came to bombard her brother (mummar gadhafi). As no other voice could speak out from this forest (africa) nothing should be left unwondered about the future of africa. Is it more embarrassing now, that no african nation can effectively handle her internal issues without western interference. Minor security challenges throw our leaders off balance that they rush the same people who killed their brother for help. In it all, our black morons called leaders failed to realize the importance of gadhafi. What he stood for, what he fought for.and the circumstances surrounding his murder.


I can categorically state, with all sense of commitment to truth and justice, love and patriotism that present african leaders are betrayals to their fatherland, educated illiterates and cowards who deserve a nobel prize for renewed tomfoolery. And another nobel prize for being leaders of third world countries.