We are the lonely walkers
not lonely londerners
not even from the carribbeans
we are the gypsies of twenty first century


citizens of no nation
we have known no nation
nor abode
we have no place to our own
we are the citizens of no nation

we learnt people have human rights
we hear people take care of people
we hear that peace exist outside our confines
we only hear these things
because our world voids this things

we are the gypsies of the twenty first century
citizens of no nation
roaming the medittaren seas
roaming the carribean isles
shrunking from humming stomachs
forayed by common udele
our hands,too weak to wage war against hungry flies
our body, flies abodes
our lifes, card games for the one percenters
citizens of no nation

gypsies of this world
visitors to this unwelcoming world
who brought us to this hobbess
where misery is our messenger
pain, our piller
hope, our sin
rest, our disease
death, our concubine
citizenz of no nation

this creator
did thou not make others
why we be worst of all
eaters of plants manure
Citizens of no country
citizens of political propaganda
royal members of slavic rohingyas
the rohingyas needing revival
rediscovery and identity