I remember the bliss that rained like rain over alin’so

during nwachukwu’s reign

the peace that pissed on the opinions of opinion leaders

i remember

when nwachukwu warned alinso with norms of note

his comrade neigbouring, built on those norms

while his ally five miles away embraced the fate of social crusaders

i remember

days when knife was respected in farmers hands

urged in wood-fetchers hands

abhorred in idle hands

i remember

when i walked lonely nights sans fright

dashed my senses to bottles of wine

but made it abode bold and safe

i remember

when heads never made sounds like crushing bottles seeking revenge

now heads splinter like splits of wood made for the log

i remember

when all was urged to earn brains before breads

now bread chased sans head

animalism,now graze like in us like cattle on grass

i remember

when knockouts knocked  my kinsmen to bed

yore, knockouts knack them to neighbouring windows

from there, they peep their lonely beds

calmly carressed by opportunistic bedbugs

i remember

those days when kinsman’s blood made headlines on news

though now litter like cow dung

like crude crack of crude spill

flowing here and there

wakes no fellow from slumber

sake for it commonality

i remember

i remember nothing now

cus hades has been mashed on my psyche